Art Monthly - No 404 - March 2017

Art Monthly - No 404 - March 2017
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Publication Date Mar 2017


Cultic Cultures

Morgan Quaintance reflects on cults and collectivism

The post-Brexit attack on perceived elitist individualism in the arts misunderstands the nature of both art and activism. So how does the work of artists such as Manon de Boer, Anna Bunting-Branch and Maria Eichhorn reveal the radical potential of self-reflection while avoiding the dangers of a slide to the far right?

A distorted view of collectivism has laid fertile ground for the growth in prominence of what British sociologist Colin Campbell calls the cultic milieu, a 'cultural underground of society' that is composed of and conducive to the creation of cults.


On the March

The rise of nationalism and the mob-rule mentality associated with it must be challenged, yet collective action is more effective when combined with creative direction – so is this where artists come in?

Instead of confronting the neo-Nazi marchers, the citizens welcomed them with open arms, urging them on with cheers, banners and confetti because, for every metre they marched, local businesses and residents had pledged to donate the equivalent of £10 to EXIT-Germany, a non-profit deradicalisation organisation.


Barbaric Violence

An exhibition in Kiev is laid waste by a mob of nationalist thugs; nationalist protesters threaten Dresden's mayor over support for art that is sympathetic to refugees; a gallery in Jerusalem is closed by the municipality for hosting a veteran's group discussing transgressions in the occupied Palestinian territories; the impeached South Korean president is sued by blacklisted artists; galleries rework their displays to protest against President Trump's travel ban; visits to UK museums drop; the University of Kent plans to close its Fine Art course; plus the latest news on galleries, appointments, prizes and more.


Jannis Kounellis 1936-2017

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Issue Art Monthly - No 404 - March 2017
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