Art Monthly - No.275 - April 2004

Art Monthly - No.275 - April 2004
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Publication Date Apr 2004
Abstract FEATURES Curating: Then and Now Alex Coles finds precedents and precursors for the present in the 1950s and 60s: ‘In 1969, Reyner Banham noted the shift that is now perceived to be so crucial from production and hardware to service and software. Aspects of contemporary exhibitions such as Superflex’s provision of refreshments for ‘Utopia Station’ at last year’s Venice Biennale are indeed premised on the provision of services.’ I am a Curator Who says so? Paul O’Neill wants to know. ‘If ‘I am a Curator’ is the answer, to whom is the question addressed and who is defining the terms of this reductive curatorial engagement in the first place?’ ‘The key issue is no longer the fluctuating relationships between artist and curator but rather the ever-increasing tension (or lack thereof) between criticism and curating.’ EDITORIAL Take your partners please ‘While the association of newspapers with galleries is nothing new, the notion of a more open-ended and ongoing relationship between newspapers and public sector museums is new and should, perhaps, be a cause of concern. The guarantee of press coverage is in itself problematic in that it automatically disadvantages less high profile public arts institutions competing for media attention. And while there is no obligation on the part of critics retained by the newspapers in question to write promotional copy, the perception that they might be pressured into doing so is bad enough.’ EXHIBITION REVIEWS Playlist Palais de Tokyo, Paris Sara Harrison 3.Berlin Biennale Various venues, Berlin Michael Corris Gambiarra: New Art from Brazil Firstsite, Colchester Mark Wilsher Irwin Cornerhouse, Manchester Nick Crowe Mike Kelley Tate Liverpool Sally O'Reilly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Tate Britain, London Morgan Falconer Donald Judd Tate Modern, London Patricia Bickers Roy Lichtenstein Hayward Gallery, London Eliza Williams A Kind of Bliss The Drawing Room, London Ian White Haunted Media Site Gallery, Sheffield Martin Herbert Wonderful: Visions of the Near Future Arnolfini at L Shed, Bristol David Barrett Christine Borland Lisson Gallery, London Maria Walsh Conor Kelly Peer, London Dan Smith ARTISTS’ BOOKS Anna Best Stephen Bury reviews Occasional Sights: a London guide book of missed opportunities and things that aren’t always there. BOOKS Real Spaces Martin Patrick reviews Real Spaces: World Art History and the Rise of Western Modernism by David Summers. MUSIC Max Neuhaus David Ryan reviews Max Neuhaus - Fontana Mix - Feed 1965-68: Six Realisations of John Cage. POLEMIC When Children of Empire Come Home Rasheed Araeen on the failure of the Arts Council’s cultural diversity initiatives. ‘There is a notion that those who are seen to be other have a different intellectual ability from that of people of European origin, and that they can only use this ability within their own specific cultural frameworks; and that since these cultures are rooted elsewhere they require special help. Consequently, only those who conform to this view receive insitutional support and recognition for their work.’ REPORT Sci-Art When Attitudes Became Formed Peter Suchin reports from ‘Science and the Arts: the emergence of a new consciousness from the 60s to now’.
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Issue Art Monthly - No.275 - April 2004
Publication Art Monthly

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