Art Monthly - No.281 - November 2004

Art Monthly - No.281 - November 2004
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Publication Date Oct 2004
Abstract FEATURES Lost in Translation Maria Walsh talks to Tacita Dean about heroes, anti-heroes, relationships and the importance of failure. MW: When I heard the sound piece you did for Radio 3 it struck me that while your work has always been very personal, it seems to be becoming more autobiographical, though not in a literal way. TD: Yes, I've noticed that too. Berlin Project was the most personal work I had ever done up to that point. I think the reason I am getting more autobiographical is because I've moved to Berlin and suddenly it has given me permission to make work about England. Location Location Claire Doherty visits biennales from Sydney to Istanbul, Venice to Liverpool and writes about their influence on the way we think about cities. ‘It seems we may be caught between the biennial as representation of what Jonathan Raban once called the soft city - ‘‘a city made from a complex network of human relationships and individual experiences, a city built around the physical and psychological terrains mapped out by its inhabitant’s’’ - and the internationally astute biennial characterised by what Declan McGonagle has termed, ‘‘wide and shallow [engagement] rather than narrow and deep - sightseeing rather than insight’’. ’ EDITORIAL Market Matters On London’s position in the world art market and the relationship between the public and private sectors. ‘We consider London, after New York, to be the second art centre of the world and we wanted to use it as our European ‘‘leg’’, to service European markets out of London. This is where the auctions are, this is where the dealers are.’ PROFILE Richard Hughes profiled by David Barrett. ‘A burned match rests on the edge of a cheap Formica shelf, the last speck of orange light glowing in its blackened head. We’ve missed the drama - the sparking and flaring into life - and we‘re left with a dying glimmer. This is the moment. Not the dramatic white heat of its brief burning, nor the smoking charcoal carcass, but these few in-between seconds of an ember that will soon succumb to the inevitable. It is this moment, or its cultural equivalent, that Richard Hughes is fascinated by.’ EXHIBITION REVIEWS Rear View Mirror Kettle's Yard, Cambridge Mark Wilsher Steve McQueen South London Gallery Cherry Smyth Liverpool Biennale Various venues Craig Burnett Independents 04 Liverpool Biennale David Briers Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2004 The Coach Shed, Liverpool Martin Herbert Stephen Prina Screen on the Green and Cubitt Gallery, London Andrew Wilson Lari Pittman Greengrassi, London Eliza Williams Ed Ruscha Whitney Museum of American Art Mark Godfrey Living Dust Norwich Gallery Lucy Steeds Martin Creed Hauser & Wirth, London Sally O'Reilly John Bock ICA, London Sarah James Real World: The Dissolving Space of Experience Modern Art Oxford Sara Harrison ARTISTS’ BOOKS Stephen Bury reviews Mallarmé, the book by Klaus Scherübel (Scheruebel), Cover Version by Jonathan Monk and Implicasphere by Sally O’Reilly and Cathy Haynes. ‘If you were to ask me what I think of when you say ‘‘Bread’’, and I respond with ‘‘toast’’, then my implicaspheres are likely to be small. But if I reply ‘‘raven’’ ... then my implacaspheres are creatively - or perhaps insanely - broad ... ’ Issue 1 is based on string and, within its 8-leaf format, is both a poster and an encyclopaedia... Many different manifestations of string are assembled and illustrated: poultry trussing, the North West London Eruv, string puppets, superstring theory, Duchampian installation, knot theory, knotted strings in the Siberian Gulag to evade the ban on writing in any format there, Robert Crumb’s brother digesting a 21-ft long cotton cloth, etc.’ BOOKS Paula Feldman finds in Conceptual Art: Theory, Myth, and Practice, ed Michael Corris, ‘a convincing rationale for employing period-based specificity in discussions of Conceptual Art, rather than appropriating it as a universally applicable term.’ ARTLAW Contracts Editions or Series: Artists be clear Invaluable advice from our regular Artlaw columnist Henry Lydiate on avoiding disputes when buying or selling artworks. ARTNOTES: All the latest news from around the art world ... awards, prizes, commissions, competitions, talks, events, gallery goings-on, studio spaces, internet info, openings, closings, comings and goings, rumours ... EXHIBITION LISTINGS for November are published on this website. FREE EMAIL BULLETIN Would you like to know what is in Art Monthly each month? To receive a copy of this page please email with the message ‘subscribe to the monthly bulletin’.
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Month November 2004
Issue Art Monthly - No.281 - November 2004
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