Art Monthly - No.344 - March 2011

Art Monthly - No.344 - March 2011
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Publication Date Mar 2011
Description Bethan Huws interviewed by Mark Wilsher: Paris-based Welsh artist Bethan Huws rose to prominence in the early 1990s with a series of ultra-subtle interventions in London galleries. Currently exhibiting at the Whitechapel Gallery, she talks here about her responses to Marcel Duchamp, the importance of language, misunderstandings, getting angry and the brevity of life. Dave Beech on the counter-promise of ugliness: There has been an upsurge in talk of beauty, but no corresponding discussion of ugliness. Surely the socially ugly – the ugliness of resistance, with its oppositional stance against the status quo – is far more relevant than beauty in this time of protests? Francis Frascina on the aesthetics of violence: If life becomes precarious when war-mongering politicians champion the poetic myths of nationalism, how do contemporary artists challenge and repudiate those genocidal narratives? Mark Prince profiles the British video artist Ed Atkins: Ed Atkins explores the visual technologies at work within high-definition video, turning the hyper real into the uncanny – and reminding Mark Prince of early Rodney Graham. Editorial A Failure to Communicate: The government blames local authorities for cutting arts spending and arts organisations themselves for failing to persuade local authorities of their importance to the community. But after years of New Labour's instrumental arts policies and the coalition's recent singling out of the arts for deeper than average cuts, these claims are arrant nonsense. 'The coalition government has taken the next step and begun the process of complete privatisation of the arts, stripping away the last vestiges of their autonomy and leaving them at the mercy of the private sector, which shows no sign of stepping into the breach.' Letters: Mike Watson takes issue with Dean Kenning's report on the student protests, in particular his negativity towards independent art schools. Dean Kenning responds with a defence of the Welfare State. Artnotes: Unpaid labour is in the news as internships become ever more valuable during a period of mass graduate unemployment; a wave of galleries close as funding and small-scale collectors disappear; business sponsorship of the arts collapses while new models to extract profits from the art market emerge; and all the latest news on art world commissions, prizes and more.
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Related Artist Bethan Huws
Month March 2011
Publication Art Monthly

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