Art Monthly - No.375 - April 2014

Art Monthly - No.375 - April 2014
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Publication Date Apr 2014
Description Interview No Solution Hito Steyerl interviewed by Jennifer Thatcher Filmmaker Hito Steyerl is one of the most prominent exponents of the so-called 'object turn', embracing a coevalence between self and object. Here, she discusses why the mind is like an iPad, searches for her martyred friend's remains and for images of herself as an S&M model, and explains why the art-education industry is a huge Ponzi scheme. 'I never promised to solve any problem. It is interesting that people keep expecting me to anyway, as if I had signed a contract. But I didn't. It's fine for people to have expectations to this end, but why should I fulfil them? People also expect me to represent Japanese culture, foreigners as such, the internet or to wear size zero. Let me repeat: I am not a social engineer and I don't want to be. And I don't think there should be any prescribed role for artists just as there shouldn't be any for mothers or secretaries.' Feature Object/Self Francis Frascina on the objects of exclusion The recent 'object turn' in art is perhaps best understood as an extension of the regressive 'pictorial turn' of the 1990s. Seen in this light, are current trends a backwards step for all the representational gains made by artists since the 1970s? 'I want to examine whether the new discipline of the image/object turn is a reactionary re-entrenchment of exclusivity and marginalisation.' Feature Art/Write John Douglas Millar makes a case for contemporary art literature If the nascent 'art writing' field has lost its way, it is not from a lack of interest in the connection between the two disciplines. To continue being productive, however, should not art go beyond mere 'writing' and embrace the deep critical history of 'literature'? 'The question was always open as to what the "art" in "art writing" actually denoted. Was it used, as it would be for art music, to denote a sphere of formal difficulty and conceptual seriousness? Or was it writing about art?' Editorial North & South Arguments aimed at creating divisions within the country are unhelpful when evidence shows that pooled resources can create expanding, sustainable networks. 'Co-operation is the way forward for smaller organisations, not as an alternative to much-needed extra government funding, but in addition to it. The argument that has broken out between Bradford City Council and its counterpart in Leeds over perceived disproportionate funding is thus somewhat misdirected, which is ironic given that one of the organisations it funds is a theatre group called Mind the Gap.' Artnotes Under pressure of artist boycotts, Sydney Biennale drops its controversial corporate sponsor, an action that draws chilling rebuke from the Australian arts minister; Elmgreen & Dragset's public artwork Prada Marfa suffers artistic vandalism and is threatened with demolition; research shows the depressing state of the gender imbalance among directorships at US museums; reports suggest that London's poor pay and high living costs are leading to a curatorial brain drain; Boris Johnson courts the Guggenheim for a Stratford outpost; the latest news on galleries, events, appointments, prizes and more. Obituaries Rose Finn-Kelcey 1945-2014 Alexis Hunter 1948-2014 Profile Public Movement Bob Dickinson on the Tel Aviv-based 'performative research group' Public Movement utilises narrative fiction and commercial branding exercises to choreograph events that challenge institutional positions on migration, representation and public protest. 'I was introduced to a dark-haired, neatly attired woman who, during the next 20 minutes, imparted a complex story containing a great deal of information, about which I was not allowed to take notes but was requested to memorise, to the best of my ability.' Exhibitions Keywords: Art, Culture and Society in 1980s Britain Tate Liverpool Jonathan Harris Recalling the Future: Post-Revolutionary Iranian Art Brunei Gallery, London Jamal Penjweny: Saddam is Here Ikon Gallery, Birmingham Virginia Whiles 5th Marrakech Biennale: Where are we now? various venues Daniella Rose King AV Festival various venues Paul Usherwood Edward Chell: Soft Estate Spacex, Exeter Stephen Lee Camille Henrot: The Pale Fox Chisenhale, London Adam Pugh Cevdet Erek: Alt Üst Spike Island, Bristol Morgan Quaintance Martin Creed: What's the point of it? Hayward Gallery, London Anna Dezeuze Mark Garry: A Winter Light The Model Sligo Joanna Laws Ship to Shore: Art and the Lure of the Sea John Hansard Gallery & SeaCity Museum, Southampton Jennifer Thatcher London Round-up Peles Empire • Kate MacGarry • Laura Bartlett Gallery • Matt's Gallery Chris Fite-Wassilak
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Related Artist Hito Steyerl
Month April 2014
Publication Art Monthly

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