Art Review - Issue 66 no 5 - Summer 2014

Art Review - Issue 66 no 5 - Summer 2014
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Publication Date Jun 2014
Description In Art Previewed Ten Summer exhibitions you won’t want to miss – in Yokohama, Folkestone, London, Edinburgh, Rotterdam, Milan, Zürich, Berlin, Basel and New York, by Martin Herbert. Points of View: Our writers on what’s happening in the artworld and beyond, including Hettie Judah on the discourse (or lack of) about men’s fashion; Maria Lind on writer Lisa Robertson and the funny pathos of men; Mark Sladen on the nuance of ‘normcore’; Jonathan T.D. Neil on derivatives and value in art; Sam Jacob on the effect of contemporary modernity on our cities, and duck-walking; Mike Watson on the return of aesthetic beauty; Jonathan Grossmalerman on life on the small screen. Great Critics and Their Ideas Virginia Woolf discusses Baselitz’s Upside-Down Paintings, with reference to elitism, art writing and reinventing the novel, interviewed by Matthew Collings. The Law and Its Ideas In the seventh in our series of legal issues that shed light on the often-opaque relationships that underpin the art market, Daniel McClean discusses the ‘unfair competition’ and ‘counterfeiting’ claims in relation to the animal sculptures created by fine artist Xavier Veilhan and commercial artist Richard Orlinski. In Art Featured Mark Leckey With an exhibition at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in New York, and a forthcoming retrospective at Wiels in Brussels, 2008 Turner Prize-winning artist Mark Leckey talks to J.J. Charlesworth about what it means 'be' in the midst of a world where images have become things. Bosco Sodi We profile the Mexican-born, New York-based wabi-sabi painter and cultural entrepreneur, whose work includes five-centimetre-thick extra-large abstract paintings and boulder-size sculptures, by Christian Viveros-Fauné. Hito Steyerl The Berlin-based writer and filmmaker who analyses and interrogates the endlessly reproduced and degraded images and text that make up our digital culture and suggests that we can be more than just consumers: we can be active agents in the world around us, by Paul Pieroni. Ryan Trecartin The speedy, narcissistic, smartphone-slick hysteria of the LA-based artist’s films may seem echoed in his life, but don’t be deceived: the chaos has a system, by Gesine Borcherdt. The ArtReview Files: Bridget Riley Supported by her extensive body of writing, Bridget Riley’s art and continuous research has been – and still is – a major influence for generations of artists, reaching beyond the realm of paintings. To mark its own 65th anniversary, ArtReview delves into the archives to retrace Riley’s career, reprinting a selection of reviews and interviews published in the magazine between 1962 – the year of her first solo show – and 2010, introduced by Louise Darblay DISOBEY! When protest objects are exhibited in one of the world’s grandest museums, how does it change the objects? And how does it change the museum? by Hettie Judah. Brazil – Being local, becoming global What happens when an art object shifts from its local context into a global one? What nuances are lost, what new connections are forged? ArtReview puts these questions to a panel of knowledgeable insiders (Luciana Brito, Pablo León de la Barra and Pablo Lafuente) in relation to the art and art history of Brazil, moderated by Oliver Basciano. In Art Reviewed Current and recent exhibitions: in the UK, USA, Europe and the rest of the world including: UK Alms for the Birds at Cabinet Gallery; London; How to Work Together: Ella Kruglyanskaya at Studio Voltaire; London; VALIE EXPORT & Friedl Kubelka at Richard Salmon. London; Peter Doig: Early Works at Michael Werner, London; Daphne Wright: A Small Thing to Ask at Frith Street Gallery; London; AV Festival, various venues, Middlesbrough, Newcastle and Sunderland; Science Fiction: New Death at FACT, Liverpool; Bedwyr Williams at Tramway, Glasgow. USA Sharon Hayes: Fingernails on a Blackboard at Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York; Leigh Ledare at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York; Jumma Manna: Menace of Origins at SculptureCenter, New York; Urs Fischer: Mermaid, Pig, Bro w/Hat at Gagosian Delancey Street and Last Supper at Park & 75, New York; Math Bass: Lies Inside at Overduin & Co, Los Angeles; Allen Ruppersberg: Drawing and Writing at Marc Selwyn Fine Art, Los Angeles; John Tweddle at Kayne Griffin Corcoran Los Angeles; Elliott Hundley at Regen Projects, Los Angeles. Europe Thomas Bayrle at Institut d’Art Contemporain, Villeurbanne; Mark Manders: Cose in Corso at Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia; Playtime at Lenbachhaus, Munich; Lina Selander: Silphium at Kunsthall, Trondheim; Richard Wright: Nine Chains to the Moon (Chapter 1) at BQ, Berlin; Viktor Rosdahl: Quorum Sensing at Johan Berggren Gallery, Malmö; Benjamin Sabatier: Storage at Jousse Entreprise, Paris; Matthew Benedict: The Lost Island at Mai 36 Galerie, Zürich; Krystian Jarnuszkiewicz: Hard Asleep Under an Oak Tree at Pola Magnetyczne, Warsaw; Flora Borsi: Pieces of My Mind at ART350), Istanbul. Rest of the world Mounira Al Solh: All Mother Tongues Are Difficult at Sfeir-Semler Gallery, Beirut; Theo Michael: Reptile Dialectics at Galería OMR, Mexico City; Casa Triângulo no Pivô at Pivô, São Paulo; He An: It’s Forever Not at Magician Space, Beijing. Books: Including Ghosts of My Life: Writings on Depression, Hauntology and Lost Futures, by Mark Fisher; Being Cultured: In Defence of Discrimination, by Angus Kennedy; Selected Writings, 2000–2014, by Paul Chan; Colliding Worlds: How Cutting-Edge Science is Redefining Contemporary Art, by Arthur I. Miller. The Strip: A new work from Anne Opotowsky & Aya Morton, introduced by Paul Gravett Off the Record: Gallery Girl – in Basel
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