Art Review - Vol 67 no 4 - May 2015

Art Review - Vol 67 no 4 - May 2015
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Publication Date May 2015

featuring Heimo Zobernig, Sean Lynch, BGL, Michaël Borremans, Tobias Zielony, Andrea Zittel and Lynne Hershman Leeson.

In Art Previewed

Ten May exhibitions you won’t want to miss, in Venice, London and New York, by Martin Herbert:

56th International Art Exhibition, Venice Biennale, 9 May – 22 November, various venues throughout Venice

Joan Jonas, US Pavilion

Codice Italia, Italian Pavilion

Sarah Lucas, British Pavilion

Paz Errázuriz and Lotty Rosenfeld, Chilean Pavilion

Photo London, Somerset House, London, 21–24 May

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, Pioneer Works, New York, 15–17 May

IC-98, Finnish Pavilion

Camille Norment, Nordic Pavilion

Simon Denny, New Zealand Pavilion

On Ways of Travelling, Angola Pavilion

Points of View – our writers on what’s happening in the artworld and beyond:

Sam Jacob on traditions of hygiene in modernist architecture; Michael Soi on the Kenya Pavilion controversy; Lucas Ospina on altering power relations between artists and the market; Laura Oldfield Ford on a psychogeographic walk from East Ham High Street to Bethnal Green; Maria Lind in defence of commissioning new work; Laura McLean-Ferris on Lauren Bakst’s recent performance; Jonathan Grossmalerman on how to paint death.

Great Critics and Their Ideas: Kenneth Clark on art and television, interviewed by Matthew Collings

Other People and Their Ideas: Christian Jankowski, chief curator of Manifesta 11, interviewed by Tom Eccles

In Art Featured

Heimo Zobernig

Austria’s representative at this year’s Venice Biennale combines a subversion of modernist ideals and forced confrontations of art and functionality, comedy and decoration. By Joshua Decter

Tobias Zielony

The German photographer, one of five artists representing that country at the Venice Biennale, depicts people living on the margins in a way that is itself ambiguously positioned. By Kimberly Bradley

Artists with Borders

Although transnationalism seems to be one of the essential qualities of contemporary art, why is it that one of its biggest showcases insists on national representation? By Robert Barry


The Québécois collective brings its trademark mix of pranks and tomfoolery – risky materials in artmaking – to the Venice Biennale. By Craig Burnett

Sean Lynch

Ireland’s representative at this year’s Venice Biennale offers viewers a practical insight into the point of standing around and looking at art. By Chris Fite-Wassilak

Eclectic Straw Totem, an artist project by Haegue Yang

Michaël Borremans

One of Europe’s most technically accomplished painters, the Belgian artist’s enigmatic work is full of contradiction, humour, horror, beauty and a cautious approach to truth. By Martin Herbert

Lynn Hershman Leeson

The American artist’s 40-year output has pioneered investigations into the relationship between technology and the body, and now its time has come. By Karen Archey

Andrea Zittel

A look at the benefits of ‘doing it your own way’ in the work of the Joshua Tree-based sculptor and installation artist. By Gesine Borcherdt

In Art Reviewed

Reviews from around the world

2015 Triennial: Surround Audience, at the New Museum, New York

Hassan Khan, at Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt

Bruce Nauman, at Fondation Cartier, Paris

James Benning, at Kunstverein Hamburg

Rare Earth, at Thyssen-Bornemisza Contemporary, Vienna

Neïl Beloufa, at Zero, Milan

Nadine Byrne, at Elastic Gallery, Stockholm

Peter Buggenhout, at Museum Leuven

Gonzalo Lebrija, at Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris

Maria Georgoula, at Circuits and Currents, Athens

Alex Katz, at Timothy Taylor Gallery, London

Johanna Billing, at Hollybush Gardens, London

Iman Issa, at Rodeo, London

Mark Barker, at Southard Reid, London

Lina Selander, at Iniva, London

Uriel Orlow, at John Hansard Gallery, Southampton

Hugo Canoilas, at Cooper Gallery, Dundee

Martín Soto Climent, at Clifton Benevento, New York

Alex Da Corte, at Luxembourg & Dayan, New York

Alejandro Cesarco, at Murray Guy, New York

Sebastian Lloyd Rees, at Room East, New York

SOGTFO, at François Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles

Mernet Larsen, at Various Small Fires, Los Angeles

Monique van Genderen, at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

Lulennial, at Lulu, Mexico City

Simon Linington, at Emma Thomas, São Paulo

Penny Siopis, at Iziko South African National Gallery

Sharjah Biennial 12, various venues


Artwash: Big Oil and the Arts, by Mel Evans

Pablo, by Julie Birmant and Clémant Oubrerie

A Geology of Media, by Jussi Parikka

The Container Principle, by Alexander Klose

The Strip: A new work from Hervé Di Rosa, introduced by Paul Gravett

Off the Record: Gallery Girl – in Venice

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Issue Art Review - Vol 67 no 4 - May 2015
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