Art Review - Vol 70 no 8 - November 2018

Art Review - Vol 70 no 8 - November 2018
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Publication Date Nov 2018

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The Power 100 list: The ranked list of this year's most influential people in the contemporary artworld, with profiles of each entry, including an extended profile of this year’s no.1: David Zwirner

Kara Walker 
The issue features an artist project by Kara Walker, whose work seeks to disrupt narratives of power by confronting histories of racialised and gendered violence. Selected drawings from her series Notes Drawn by a Negress After a Long Absence (2016) appear throughout the issue.

The Year in Money, Triumphs, Controversies and Protests
ArtReview looks back on a tumultuous year for the artworld

Venture Galleries
Far from heralding the end of a diverse gallery ecosystem, the age of mega-galleries offers myriad opportunities for reinvention, argues Jonathan T.D. Neil

Interviews on Power
ArtReview talks to Simon Njami, Ekaterina Degot and James Bridle about power shifts in the artworld


Martin Herbert’s pick of ten must-see exhibitions, and an interview of self-taught artist and musician Lonnie Holley by Ross Simonini

Quantity 1
Format Magazine
Month November 2018
Language English
Publication Art Review

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