Art Review - Vol 71 no 2 - March 2019

Art Review - Vol 71 no 2 - March 2019
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Publication Date Mar 2019

ArtReview turns 70

The first issue of Art News and Reviews (as ArtReview was then called) was published on 12 February 1949, by Richard Gainsborough, a retired doctor, and his wife, the designer Eileen Mayo. To celebrate its 70-year anniversary, ArtReview has attempted to tell the story of some of the debates that animated its pages, as well as to chronicle some of the issues with which art has concerned itself over the past seven decades. In that sense it is not a collection of greatest hits (indeed this anthology does not find space for many of the magazine’s best-known writers), more an initial step towards opening up the rich resources in ArtReview’s archives to a general audience and as a site of broader debate…

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Format Magazine
Month March 2019
Language English
Publication Art Review

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