Artforum International - Issue XLII No 06 - February 2004

Artforum International - Issue XLII No 06 - February 2004
Publication Date 2004
Abstract COVER STORY: British-born artist Simon Starling's sculptures—homemade replicas of Eames chairs, a functioning model airplane, a reconfigured Fiat—"always look good," observes Artforum contributing editor Daniel Birnbaum. For Starling, however, objects are just the final outcome of a process that encompasses research, travel, and self-delegated tasks like purchasing balsa wood in Ecuador or transporting rhododendrons from Scotland to Spain. In works that investigate the failed progressive ideals of twentieth-century design and in more recent projects that directly address issues of politics and nationality, Starling maps complex, interconnected physical and cultural histories. READ ON   In print April 2004 March 2004 February 2004 January 2004 December 2003     PASSAGES Homi K. Bhabha on Edward Said BOOKS Richard Meyer on Robert Rauschenberg NEWS Gregory Williams on Documenta 12 curator Roger M. Buergel FILM Gary Indiana on Leni Riefenstahl SLANT Theresa Duncan on Lost in Translation and Kill Bill PERFORMANCE Bob Nickas on Leigh Bowery SOUND Bennett Simpson on art and pop music ARCHITECTURE Kevin Pratt on green design TOP TEN Kori Newkirk    Transporting Visions: The Art of Simon Starling Daniel Birnbaum 1000 Words: Marc Camille Chaimowicz Michael Archer In Theory & Practice: A History of the Whitney Independent Study Program Howard Singerman Diane Arbus: Surface Tension Judith Butler The Eyes Have It: Gillian Wearing on Diane Arbus Barry Schwabsky Flesh & Blood: Sex and Violence in Recent French Cinema James Quandt Artist Curates: DIY Joe Scanlan Openings: Emily Jacir Tom Vanderbilt    Bettina Funcke on James Turrell David Deitcher on "The Last Picture Show" T.J. Demos on "Work Ethic" Christian Rattemeyer on VIII Bienal de Habana
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Month February 2004
Issue Artforum - Issue XLII No 06 - February 2004
Publication Artforum

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