Artforum International - Issue XLIII No 02 - October 2004

Artforum International - Issue XLIII No 02 - October 2004
Publication Date Oct 2004
Abstract BACK TO TOMORROW Thomas Crow on the School of Pop Clement Greenberg on Pop Art, with an introduction by James Meyer Lawrence Alloway on Pop Since 1949, with an expanded, web-exclusive introduction by Nigel Whiteley POPISMS Bruce Hainley on "Transformer" Jan Tumlir on Destroy All Monsters David Deitcher on Spiritual America Thomas Lawson on "Infotainment" Kate Bush on Young British Art Graham Bader on "High & Low" Michael Wilson on "Just Pathetic" Robert Rosenblum on "Post Human" Howard Singerman on "Helter Skelter" Kitty Hauser on "Superflat" MY WARHOL Charles Ray Richard Prince Pierre Huyghe Collier Schorr Rachel Harrison Wayne Koestenbaum Maurizio Cattelan Peter Halley David Robbins Cady Noland Paul Sietsema Thomas Hirschhorn Kara Walker Takashi Murakami    POP AFTER POP A Roundtable Jack Bankowsky, Thomas Crow, Diedrich Diederichsen, Alison M. Gingeras, Tim Griffin, Rhonda Lieberman, Stephen Prina, and Jeff Wall Screen Test: Jeff Koons's Olive Oyl Scott Rothkopf THIS IS TODAY Sampling the Globe Daniel Birnbaum Pop Life: Los Super Elegantes David Rimanelli Performing the System Tom Holert Performing the Self: Martin Kippenberger  Alison M. Gingeras TV, or Not TV: Alex Bag David Frankel Subject to Revision  Johanna Burton What's Not to Like?: Mike Kelley  Robert Storr Black to Front: Robert Colescott Michael Lobel Image Building Hal Foster
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Month October 2004
Issue Artforum International - Issue XLIII No 02 - October 2004
Publication Artforum

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