Artforum International - Vol. 50 No. 09 - May 2012

Artforum International -  Vol. 50 No. 09 - May 2012
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Publication Date May 2012
Description * COLUMNS * BOOKS J. Hoberman on Mad magazine’s early imitators * FILM Michael Wood on Grant Gee’s Patience (After Sebald) * NEWS Elizabeth Schambelan on talks with curator Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev about Documenta 13 * SLANT Ken Okiishi on Forrest Bess * Elizabeth Mangini on Arte Povera in Naples * TOP TEN Adriana Lara * PREVIEWS * Summer Exhibitions 45 shows worldwide * Focus Preview Graham Bader on “Roy Lichtenstein: A Retrospective” * FEATURES * IMAGE OF THE PEOPLE: MIKE KELLEY (1954–2012) * Ann Goldstein * Michael Smith * Tony Oursler * Paul McCarthy * Jim Shaw * Kim Gordon * MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION: THE FILMS OF WERNER SCHROETER James Quandt * FALSE FRONT: THE ART OF MING WONG Joan Kee * A ROOM OF THEIR OWN: THREE VIEWS ON THE WHITNEY BIENNIAL * David Rimanelli * Amy Taubin * David Velasco * 1000 WORDS: KRAFTWERK Michelle Kuo * AFTER EFFECTS: THE ART OF ANJA KIRSCHNER AND DAVID PANOS Martin Herbert * OPENINGS: DAVE MIKO Sam Pulitzer * REVIEWS * Thomas Crow on Cindy Sherman * Suzanne Cotter on “The Ungovernables” * Adam Szymczyk on “The Old, the New, the Different” * T. J. Demos on Jeremy Deller * Review Details NEW YORK Jeffrey Kastner on Fred Sandback Robert Pincus-Witten on Jonathan Lasker Barry Schwabsky on “Happenings” Frances Richard on Mary Kelly Johanna Burton on Stephen Prina David Frankel on Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook and on Arch Connelly Suzanne Hudson on Zak Prekop Donald Kuspit on Hiroshi Senju Joshua Decter on Willie Doherty Michael Wilson on Lucy Skaer Lauren O’Neill-Butler on Lutz Bacher Emily Hall on Ellen Harvey Brian Sholis on Jan Groover Sam Pulitzer on Darren Bader Eva Díaz on Per-Oskar Leu BOSTON Nuit Banai on Josh Mannis NEW ORLEANS Nick Stillman on “Spaces” CHICAGO Barry Schwabsky on “Light Years” LOS ANGELES Joan Kee on “The Art of Mona-ha” Jan Tumlir on Sanya Kantarovsky Catherine Taft on Mitchell Syrop VANCOUVER Gareth James on Babak Golkar LONDON Barry Schwabsky on Rosa Loy Sherman Sam on Richard Grayson COLCHESTER, UK Steven Cairns on Steven Claydon PARIS Claire Moulène on Pia Rönicke and on “Le Sentiment des choses” BERLIN John Beeson on FORT MUNICH Daniela Stöppel on Björn Dahlem ZURICH Hans Rudolf Reust on Oscar Tuazon Quinn Latimer on Javier Téllez MILAN Marco Meneguzzo on Gianfranco Baruchello Alessandra Pioselli on Latifa Echakhch TURIN, ITALY Alessandra Pioselli on Luigi Ghirri SCHIEDAM, THE NETHERLANDS Saskia van der Kroef on Jeroen Eisinga LISBON Filipa Oliveira on Nuno da Luz YOKOHOMA Midori Matsui on Fuyuko Matsui HONG KONG Ronald Jones on Will Kwan MUMBAI Zehra Jumabhoy on Gyan Panchal WELLINGTON Anthony Byrt on “New Zealand Art Now” AUCKLAND Jon Bywater on Alicia Frankovich From New York, Boston, New Orleans, Chicago, Los Angeles, Vancouver, London, Colchester, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Milan, Turin, Schiedam, Lisbon, Yokohama, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Wellington, and Auckland
Quantity 1
Format Magazine
Related Artists Mike Kelley, Werner Schroeter
Month May 2012
Language English
Publication Artforum

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