Artforum International - Vol. 51, No. 5 - January 2013

Artforum International - Vol. 51, No. 5 - January 2013
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Publication Date Jan 2013
Description January 2013 Table of Contents * COLUMNS * LETTERS Technical Difficulties * BOOKS Sarah Boxer on Deirdre Bair’s Saul Steinberg * FILM Amy Taubin on Andy Warhol’s San Diego Surf * PERFORMANCE Douglas Crimp on Elad Lassry at The Kitchen * ON SITE David J. Roxburgh on the Musée du Louvre’s galleries of Islamic art * Ina Blom on Aldo Tambellini at Tate Modern * TOP TEN Arthur and Marilouise Kroker * PREVIEWS * Focus Preview WINTER 2013 EXHIBITIONS:45 shows worldwide * Joan Kee on “Gutai: Splendid Playground” * Vault Christopher S. Wood on Albrecht Dürer * FEATURES * IN A FAR-OFF COUNTRY: CHRIS MARKER (1921–2012) * Nora M. Alter * James Quandt * Alexandra Stewart * Tom McCarthy * Duncan Campbell * Lucy Raven * Patrick Keiller * Sophie Fiennes * FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS: THE ART OF FRANCES STARK Mark Godfrey * 1000 WORDS: KATHRYN BIGELOW Amy Taubin * A CINEMA OF POETRY: THE FILMS OF PIER PAOLO PASOLINI Patrick Rumble * UNIVERSAL PICTURES: THE ART OF HILMA AF KLINT Daniel Birnbaum * OPENINGS: ANICKA YI Beau Rutland * OPENINGS: RAYYANE TABET Kaelen Wilson-Goldie * REVIEWS * Romy Golan on “Picasso Black and White” * Jordan Kantor on Rosemarie Trockel * Alexander Scrimgeour on Manifesta 9 * Quinn Latimer on Akram Zaatari * Nick Stillman on Agnes Denes
Quantity 1
Format Magazine
Month January 2013
Language English
Publication Artforum

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