Artist Films 2016: John Kippin

Publication Date 2016

North East Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN) video

Filmed in the studio and on location in Northumberland, John Kippin discusses the Landscape sensibility which has evolved through this practice, his interest in environment and the political connotations of architecture. In talking about photography as process, as moreover a process of constructing and making an image, Kippin elaborates on the possibilities of the picture as metaphor: as a means to talk about something that is otherwise hidden or doesn’t quite appear the way it looks to be.

Commissioned by the North East Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN), this is the fifth of the current series of seven films launched in an on-going partnership with This Is Tomorrow.

Taking stock of the increasing national and international recognition that artists based in the North East are attracting, this third series of films continues to profile and celebrate the recent bodies of work and wider practices of the selected artists.

Filmed and edited by BALTIC Archive

Format MPEG 4
Publisher CVAN: North East Contemporary Visual Arts Network
Related Artist John Kippin
Category Photography
Language English

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