ARTnews -December 2003

ARTnews -December 2003
Publication Date Dec 2003
Abstract The New Visionaries Contemporary artists are picking up where self-taught artists left off—with rough-hewn, unguarded styles some call faux naïve FULL STORY  Barbara Pollack Living in Art Walking on Lucas Samaras: Sitting on Richard Tuttle. Eating off Sol LeWitt. Reading by Jorge Pardo. When art meets design in the home, artists start feeling used . . . and they like it like that Sarah Bayliss There’s No Piece Like Home: Artist-built houses and interiors can be the ultimate convergence of design and sculpture Hilarie M. Sheets Back to the Wall: Wallpaper is experiencing a revival, as artists use it to explore political, social, and esthetic issues Barbara A. MacAdam Beyond the Looking Glass With his glittering, spinning orbs and vases posed in vitrines, glass artist Josiah McElheny reflects on many pasts to shed light on the present Barbara Pollack HINT: Avoid the Word ‘Nice’ Gallery openings are rites with their own special etiquette and language. Here’s a primer on what—and what not—to say   Paul Gardner DEPARTMENTS Art Talk Wim Wenders, Franklin Toker, Edgar Kaufmann Jr., Paul Mayen, Madonna, Will Cotton, Cynthia Rowley, Darryl Hannah, Quentin Tarantino, Uma Thurman, Richard Prince, Mark Dion, J. Morgan Puett, Aimee Mullins, Matthew Barney, Bill Peronneau, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Jeff Koons, Lee Bontecou, Robert Storr, Colin Firth, Peter Webber, Scarlett Johansson National News San Diego Can whales fly? Washington, D.C. Supreme Court to hear first Nazi loot case Houston Menil names new director International News Vienna Austria closes Nazi art case Paris Start-up museum skips state support Berlin Taking terrorists into the gallery Amsterdam Report: Stedelijk chaotic London Cash crunch curbs National Gallery Art Market New York Robert Mnuchin: “A relentless connoisseur”; The middle is tops at Christie’s; Judge to Athenaeum: Bird book can’t fly London Warhol prince of prints at Sotheby’s; Lloyd-Webber founds private museum City Focus: Washington, D.C. Capital Gains: As galleries expand and the spotlight turns to local artists, Washington, D.C., is emerging as a serious player in the contemporary-art world Ferdinand Protzman Studio Pleasures of the Flesh: Alessandro Raho merges beauty and style in his portraits, landscapes, and still lifes Pernilla Holmes Books On the Darker Side: What Robert Hughes sees in Goya Robin Cembalest Perspective A Matter of Trust  FULL STORY  High-profile museum directors worry that the public likens them to corporate CEOs. But sometimes they protest too much Robin Cembalest REVIEWS New York El Greco; “The Fire Under the Ashes: From Picasso to Basquiat”; Aaron Siskind; Gary Hume; Jason Rhoades; Chakaia Booker; John Opper; Trevor Sutton; Sally Mann; Lucy Maki; Cristina Vergano; Antonia Guzmán; Gudrun Mertes-Frady; William Wegman and Tim Maul; Tam Van Tran; Bonnie Collura; Joshua Levine Beverly Hills Francesco Clemente San Francisco Peter Shelton; Harvey Dinnerstein Chicago Joseph Yoakum Washington, D.C. Steven Cushner and Renée Stout Santa Fe Dirk de Bruycker; “A Russian Journey” Houston Jackie Tileston Philadelphia Charles Fahlen Princeton, New Jersey “Shuffling the Deck: The Collection Reconsidered” Istanbul 8th Biennial London Damien Hirst; Paul Winstanley Düsseldorf Horst Gläsker Monterrey, Mexico “Mexican Masters of the 2 th Century: Fin de Siècle Prodigies” Buenos Aires Carla Rey
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Month December 2003
Language English
Issue ARTnews - December 2003
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