ARTnews - June 2004

ARTnews - June 2004
Publication Date Jun 2004
Abstract Moving Mountains, Walking on Water As artists like James Turrell and Michael Heizer continue to toil on their massive Earthworks, caretakers of other examples of Land Art are facing questions of conservation, access, and environmental impact. Meanwhile, more ecologically conscious artists have been updating the genre   Ann Landi What a Dump! Artists are transforming landfills, industrial sites, and other modern ruins into environmentally friendly public spaces Carly Berwick Making the Trees Dance New-media artist Jennifer Steinkamp uses very special effects to conjure “fake nature” Michelle Falkenstein New York “Byzantium: Faith and Power (1261–1557)”; “An Enduring Vision”; “MoMA at El Museo”; Lynda Benglis; Jorge Pardo; Nancy Davenport; Laurie Simmons; Gregory Crane; Katarzyna Kozyra; Anton Vidokle; Steven Montgomery; Keith Sonnier; Zhang Hong; Robert Natkin; Leo Villareal; “harlemworld: metropolis as metaphor”; Woong Kim; Milan Klic; Jean Moral; Christian Holstad; Jane South Los Angeles “A Minimal Future? Art as Object 1958–1968”; Zhi Lin Santa Monica Mitchell Johnson San Francisco Simen Johan Chicago Robert Moskowitz Phoenix Inaugural Exhibition Santa Fe Santa Fe Editions Miami Gunther GerzsoNew Orleans Carrie Mae Weems Roche Court, East Winterslow, Salisbury, England “Lead Astray” London “Masterworks” Amsterdam Dante Gabriel Rossetti Berlin Torben Giehler Paris Cristina Iglesias; Jesús-Rafael Soto Duisburg Medardo Rosso
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Month June 2004
Language English
Issue ARTnews - June 2004
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