ARTnews -November 2003

ARTnews -November 2003
Publication Date Nov 2003
Abstract The Most Wanted Works of Art If a piece is “truly, truly to die for” and is still in private hands, it is no doubt on someone else’s wish list. Like that $100 million Cézanne FULL STORY  Kelly Devine Thomas To Thine Own Selves Be True Role-playing is rampant today, with artists picturing themselves as impersonators, cross-dressers, evil twins, and exhibitionists—all to throw traditional ideas about identity up for grabs FULL STORY  Linda Yablonsky The Body Unbeautiful Jenny Saville turns wounds into abstractions. Her brutal images of distorted bodies and accident victims are both shocking and dazzlingly painterly Pernilla Holmes Driven to Abstraction After the mind games of conceptualism, abstraction is back—in an interesting range of approaches, as artists reactivate the possibilities of form and color Amei Wallach DEPARTMENTS Art Talk Jeff Bridges, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robin Williams, Peter Bogdanovich, Karen Allen, Nathaniel Kahn, Bono, On Kawara, Lynne Cooke, Chiara Clemente, Francesco Clemente, Fred Tomaselli, Willard Holmes, Nancy Hall-Duncan, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, James Wyeth, Spencer Tunick, Gil Garcetti, Prince Harry National News Philadelphia Barnes closer to move Bellevue, WA Bellevue Art Museum closes—for now Chicago Wood to leave Art Institute New York Congress approves indemnity increase; MoMA names new curators Washington, D.C. Internet speeds Nazi loot search International News Baghdad Recovering Iraq’s past Toronto Teitelbaum’s transformation Berlin A Rubens is recovered Tel Aviv Censorship or sensitivity? Gdansk, Poland Artist convicted of desecrating cross Miami Foundations pull Cuba funding Art Market Basel They can’t say no to Sam New York Charitable artists may get a break; How low can capital gains tax go?; MoMA sells Bacon, Picasso to buy more London Slow and steady for Currin Design Stone Walls and Copper Veils: Architect Wendy Joseph likes to temper weighty materials with ephemeral, dynamic ones in her designs, which include a Holocaust memorial, a women’s museum, and a hotel within a Frank Lloyd Wright skyscraper Valerie Gladstone Studio Connecting the Dots: With a brush in one hand and a computer mouse in the other, George Pusenkoff makes pixel-based paintings of art-historical classics David Galloway Working Habits An Impressionist Frame of Mind: New, made-to-order frames bring out the best in the Brooklyn Museum’s Impressionist pictures Hilarie M. Sheets Looking at Art Face This Watch! Watch This Face!: Is Jasper Johns’s Face with Watch a self-portrait—or a portrait of you, the viewer? Joan Rothfuss Books Picasso and the Invention of Cubism By Pepe Karmel • The New World’s Old World Edited by May Castleberry • Martín Chambi: Photographs, 1920–1950 • Markings: Sacred Landscapes from the Air Photographs By Marilyn Bridges • A Sweeper-up After Artists By Irving Sandler • Landscape: Photographs of Time and Place By Ferdinand Protzman. And more On the Edge Acting Out: Patty Chang skirts the edge of the socially acceptable with her carefully crafted illusions Lilly Wei REVIEWS New York “Strangers: The First ICP Triennial of Photography and Video”; “French Artists in Rome: Ingres to Degas, 1803–1873”; “Signs from Berlin”; Romare Bearden; Judy Pfaff; Harry Callahan; “Pulp Art”; Willem van Tetrode; “Black and White”; Didier Massard; Barnaby Furnas; Jill Levine; Elena Kallistova; Shimon Okshteyn; “SYLVA—A Tree Show”; Marco Maggi Washington, D.C. “The Art of Romare Bearden” New Orleans “The Story of the South” Los Angeles Laura Owens Santa Monica Lissie Habie San Francisco James Turrell Chicago Lucien Clergue Washington, D.C. “In the Spirit of Martin: The Living Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.” Santa Fe David Linn; Shono Tokuzo Miami Sandra Ramos Valencia, Spain Valencia Bienal Salzburg Anselm Kiefer London Rezi van Lankveld Zurich Stefan Thiel Amsterdam “Meets” Frankfurt Abe Frajndlich
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Month November 2003
Language English
Issue ARTnews -November 2003
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