Asger Jorn: The Natural Order and Other Texts

Asger Jorn: The Natural Order and Other Texts
Library Shelf Location 18.JORN
Publication Date 2002
Description International recognition and economic success came to the Danish artist Asger Jorn towards the end of the 1950s. Yet in 1961, he cut down on his artistic activities and began what he called "the first complete revision of the existing philosophical system". This text examines three volumes of Jorn's philosophy: "The Natural Order" which merged insights from the Copenhagen interpretation of the theory of complementarity and Marxian dialectical materialism into what Jorn called triolectics; "Value and Economy" which utilizes for its first section an earlier critique of Marxian economics that also postulates a category of artistic value, whilst the second part outlines the necessary conditions for a "creative elite" to take over from the current power elite; and "Luck and Chance" from 1953, which places Jorn's ideas about "extreme aesthetics" in this context.
ISBN 0754604292
Quantity 1
Pages 380
Authors Asger Jorn, Peter Shield
Format Hardcover
Publisher Ashgate Publishing Limited
Related Artist Asger Jorn
Category Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keywords CoBrA, Aesthetics, Chance, Marxism
Artist's Nationality Danish
Language English

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