Ashley Bickerton: Recent Wurg

Ashley Bickerton: Recent Wurg
Library Shelf Location 18.BICK
Publication Date 2009

Ashley Bickerton challenges the popular global construction of the tropics as perfection, where surfing, drugs and parties in beachside tourist villas provide a homogenised experience of the exotic. Living on the island of Bali, he parodies this drunken myopia in his photocollages and sculptures, presenting such glut and excess as an artifice. Just as Gauguin ‘sampled’ Polynesian exotica, so do Bickerton’s caricatures ‘perform’ ideas of the tropical. An introductory essay by Nick Stillman highlights these themes in Bickerton’s work, while the artist’s conversation with artist, curator and writer Harland Miller explores the idea of the island as man, home and retreat.

ISBN 9781906967130
Quantity 1
Pages 36
Authors Harland Miller, Nick Stillman
Format Hardcover
Publisher Other Criteria, London
Related Artist Ashley Bickerton
Categories Collage, Sculpture
Keywords Tropical, Hedonism, Colour
Related Country/Global Region Bali
Language English

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