Aycliffe and Peterlee: New Towns 1946-1988

Aycliffe and Peterlee: New Towns 1946-1988
Library Shelf Location 11.PETE
Publication Date 1988
Description Aycliffe was the first New Town in the North of England, designated in 1947 - Peterlee was a year later. The region's major industries of coalmining, ship-building and heavy engineering were, and indeed still are, in steep decline and the two New Towns were built to provide alternative employment and housing. Now some 25,000 people live in each town and about 17,000 jobs have been created in new industries. Author Garry Philipson was the Managing Director of Aycliffe and Peterlee Development Corporations 1974-1985.
ISBN 09049282117
Quantity 1
Pages 349
Author Garry Philipson
Format Paperback
Publisher Publications for Companies
Category Local Interest (Northeast of England)
Related Cities/Regions Peterlee, North East (of England), Aycliffe
Language English

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