Babar's Gallery

Babar's Gallery
Library Shelf Location 36.DEBR
Publication Date 2003
Description Babar decides to share his growing art collection with the public by converting Celesteville's former train station into a gallery. The children (Flora, Pom, Alexander, Isabelle, and cousin Arthur) go to the opening, and are full of questions: "Is going to a gallery like going to school?", and "What we supposed to do here?" The children soon find paintings they like, and explain why - but then find they have more questions, like "Does it have to be pretty?", "Does it have to be old?", and "Does it have to make sense?" Celeste and the other adults patiently answer their questions. After the opening reception, the children go home and make masterworks of their own. Babar's Gallery introduces young children to the often intimidating world of high art. But instead of employing a traditional, instructive method to teach children how to understand artwork and how to use a gallery, children are encouraged to draw their own conclusions - and inspiration - from the great works of art on display.
ISBN 0810948044
Quantity 1
Pages 44
Authors Laurent de Brunhoff, Phyllis Rose de Brunhoff
Format Hardcover
Publisher Harry N Abrams Inc, New York
Category Childrens' books
Language English

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