BALTIC 39 | FIGURE FOUR - WEEK 2: Golden Family | Kati Kärki

Publication Date 2017

BALTIC 39 | FIGURE FOUR is an opportunity for artists to test works and ideas, or to develop works in progress within a public context. The 10 exhibitions are to be held in the project space at BALTIC 39 from Wednesday 18 January – Sunday 19 February 2017.

Week Two: Wednesday 25 – Sunday 29 January 2017

Golden Family

Matt Golden and Natsue Ikeda (Golden Family) frame their discourse primarily in social contexts, including role-play as a nomadic musician, publishing images in international style magazines, or commissioning portraits from fashion photographers. Most projects begin with a journey into the unfamiliar; it is from this point of unfamiliarity that Golden Family begins a creative process of re-orientation. In 2008 they embarked on a project, now coming to fruition, centred on the ‘spiritual’ journey of fictional musician; Juan Carlode. Golden Family documented Carlode often in remote parts of the world and his chronicles have been serialised as standalone images in contemporary style magazines Wonderland and Rollacoaster. Golden Family will present existing images alongside a new work, The Rehearsal, a simple construction housing a music practice-room where the works of Juan Carlode are rehearsed. By positioning a private act of rehearsing into a public domain The Rehearsal considers different notions of personal and public space, of reality and fiction, real-life and character.

Kati Kärki
Colourless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously

Kati Karki brings together five writers to occupy the gallery space daily to explore collective ways of writing publicly. They begin with a Noam Chomsky sentence ‘Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously’. Grammatically correct yet holding no obvious understandable meaning, the sentence sends them on a journey to follow a methodology of paradox and test ideas between sense and nonsense. With a focus on the excess that is produced from misunderstanding, they aim to explore the strengths of the ‘non’ or the ‘mis’ in sense-making and collectiveness.

Format MPEG 4
Related Artists Golden Family, Kati Karki
Related Event BALTIC 39 | FIGURE FOUR (18 January – 19 February 2017)
Related Gallery BALTIC’s project space at BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne
Language English

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