Publication Date 28 Aug 2014

BALTIC 39 | FIGURE TWO, an open submission exhibition which allows artists working across all media to test works and ideas, or to develop works in progress within a public context. The exhibition will last for 5 weeks and will be made up of 10 projects by 18 artists, each lasting 5 days.

Week 4: Wednesday 27 August – Sunday 31 August 2014

Charlie Godet Thomas: A Method for Writing / A Method for Making

Inspired by the un-inked page, the blank screen, the untouched canvas, the white ‘readiness’ of the seemingly un-pixellated infinity of a page without text A Method for Writing / A Method for Making will create a dialogue that will explore the way in which strategies for writing are used to create new visual forms. A selection of recent works by Charlie Godet Thomas, which make myriad use of the written word through distinctive visual strategies, will be the starting point for further works to be developed over the week, including a collaborative project with a group of local poets.

Peter Merrington and Tijana Stevanović: A Partial Index

A Partial Index presents the work to date of a temporary, pseudo-collective of artists and researchers led by Peter Merrington and Tijana Stevanović. Together they have developed a shared pedagogic platform to explore the politics of voice and visibility in place and the archive. The group is currently working towards the production of a film essay and a series of publications. At BALTIC 39, with contributions from Ko-Le Chen, Elodie Roy and Sophie Yarker, they present an exhibition as process: both a ‘pause’ in the ongoing development of their work but also a moment of intense production.

Related Artists Charlie Godet Thomas, Peter Merrington and Tijana Stevanović
Month August 2014
Related Event FIGURE TWO (6 August - 7 September 2014)
Related Gallery BALTIC’s project space at BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne

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