BALTIC Artists' Award 2017: Banners (feather flags)

BALTIC Artists' Award 2017: Banners (feather flags)
Archive Shelf Location 7A4
Publication Date 2017

1 of each colour (red, green, yellow, purple)

Banners (feather flags) produced to help market the inaugural BALTIC Artists' Award in 2017. Each artist was designated a colour

Jose Dávila - red

Eric N Mack - yellow

Toni Schmale - purple

Shen Xin - green

These banners were taken out to various locations, along with an ice lolly stand, brochures and members of staff in order to start discussions about the event and encourage people to visit.

Quantity 4
Format Banners
Related Event BALTIC Artists' Award 2017 (30 June – 1 October 2017)

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