BALTIC Artists in Residence

BALTIC Artists in Residence
Publication Date Aug 2006
Description A COMPLETE LIST OF ALL ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE AT BALTIC. (follow the links below to see all information held in the Library & Archive) CANDICE BREITZ (July – August 2006) DZINE (1 May – 30 June 2006) YVETTE MATTERN (15 October 2005 – 20 January 2006) ANTTI LAITINEN (2005) DARKO FRITZ (2005) ALEX BRADLEY AND CHARLES POULET (November 2004-December 2005) LEV MANOVICH (July- September 2003) LOS CARPINTEROS (2002) ALEC FINLAY (2001-2003) EVA GRUBINGER (Autumn 2002 – Summer 2003) CHAD McCAIL (2002-2003) TSUYOSHI OSAWA (2002) FRANCIS GOMILA (January – December 2000) DAVID GOARD (September – October 1999) NATALIE FROST (July – October 1999)
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Related Artists Candice Breitz, Chad McCail, David Goard, Francis Gomila, Los Carpinteros, Natalie Frost, Alex Bradley & Charles Poulet, Antti Laitinen, Yvette Mattern, Dzine, Eva Grubinger, Tsuyoshi Osawa, Alec Finlay, Lev Manovich, Darko Fritz
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