BALTIC Bites: Marine Hugonnier

Publication Date 15 Aug 2014

Marine Hugonnier: Apicula Enigma

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art: 15 August 2014 - 16 November 2014.

Marine Hugonnier (born Paris, 1969) makes work which studies and deconstructs modes of representation. At BALTIC, Hugonnier will present her film 'Apicula Enigma' 2013. Shot in the mountains of Austria, 'Apicula Enigma' (translated as the ‘bee’s riddle’) follows the journey of a bee colony. Hugonnier eschews conventions associated with nature documentaries – there is no narrative, staged content or scripted voiceover – instead the film shows the sequence of events as they happened on set. The artist deliberately exposes the process of production, revealing the camera, sound recording equipment, even the film crew. Drawing on a wide range of sources, from historical and literary accounts to recent studies of bee behaviour, Hugonnier considers how the colony and its activity mirrors the world as a whole. Central to this is the idea of the beehive as a 'camera obscura', a compelling metaphor which is alluded to throughout the course of the film.

Related Artist Marine Hugonnier
Months August 2014, September 2014, October 2014, November 2014
Keywords Animals, Insects, Critically Engaged
Related Event Marine Hugonnier: Apicula Enigma (15 August - 16 November 2014)
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

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