BALTIC Edition: Elizabeth Price / Limited Edition Print

BALTIC Edition: Elizabeth Price / Limited Edition Print

BALTIC Edition: Elizabeth Price / Limited Edition Print


BALTIC SHOP is delighted to announce a new BALTIC Edition MOONSHINE:K created by the Turner Prize winning and internationally acclaimed artist Elizabeth Price.

Born in 1966 in Bradford, Price is renowned for her immersive video installations incorporating digital moving image, text and music. She won the Turner Prize in 2012 for her twenty-minute video installation The Woolworths Choir of 1979, as part of her exhibition at BALTIC, HERE 2012.

MOONSHINE:K features a group of sculptures in the garden of the Villa Medici, Rome. The sculptures vary in age and provenance, but were gathered together to create a single mis-en-scene by Balthus, the painter and former Director of the Villa. Price has photographed the arrangement under a 'super moon' - a moon of unusual brightness, which heightens the noir-ish melodrama of the tableau. The 'K' is a symbol, used scientifically to denote light temperature, and used by Price in a series of works exploring light source in digital photography and projection.

MOONSHINE:K is a platinum palladium print produced exclusively for BALTIC in a limited edition of 50 prints, signed and numbered by the artist. Dimensions are 405mm x 305mm.

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