Baltic Flour Mills: Marketing Strategy

Baltic Flour Mills: Marketing Strategy
Archive Shelf Location 20A1(2A)
Publication Date Oct 1996
Description PLEASE NOTE: THIS STRATEGY WAS PRODUCED BEFORE BALTIC OPENED AND DOES NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT CURRENT PRACTICES. WE DO NOT HAVE CURRENT MARKETING STRATEGIES AVAILABLE ONLINE. Baltic Flour Mills: Application to the Arts Council of England: Steering Group Report Section 1.14 Includes sections: 1. Introduction 1.1 Background 1.2 Strengths of the BFM 1.3 Weaknesses of the BFM 1.4 Opportunities for the BFM 1.5 Threats to the BFM 2. Primary Regional Market 2.1 Market Profile 2.2 The message 2.3 Television 2.4 Radio 2.5 Regional Newspapers 2.6 Regional Magazines/Printed Distribution 2.7 Direct Mail 2.8 Education 2.9 Summary 3 Secondary Regional Market 3.1 Market Profile 3.2 The Message 3.3 Television 3.4 Radio 3.5 Newspapers 3.6 Regional listings/magazines 3.7 Summary 4 Primary Non-regional Market 4.1 Market Profile 4.2 The message 4.3 Television 4.4 Radio 4.5 National Newspapers 4.6 Specialist Art Press/Magazines 4.7 Outdoor advertising - Billboards, buses, cross track and taxis 4.8 Summary 5 Secondary Non-Regional Market
Quantity 1
Author Paul Collard
Format Report
Month October 1996
Category Galleries/Museums/Private Collections
Keywords BALTIC Marketing, BALTIC pre-conversion 1996
Related City/Region Gateshead
Related Country/Global Region England
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art
Language English
Issue Baltic Flour Mills: Application to the Arts Council of England: Steering Group Report:

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