BALTIC Podcast | Climate Frequencies: Episode 3 - Transcript

BALTIC Podcast | Climate Frequencies: Episode 3 - Transcript
Publication Date 01 Nov 2021

Episode 3: When Forests Speak

Climate Frequencies is a new series of the BALTIC Podcast that listens to the climate emergency and its reverberations through the ears of artists, thinkers and activists.

We begin deep in the molten core of the earth, tunnel through the rock formations under our feet before burrowing up to the soil and land, through forests, and out to the oceans ascending to our final episode into the air we breathe.

In this episode, musician and artist Natalie Sharp travels deep into the heart of the Amazon rainforest to listen to the chorus of its inhabitants. She thinks about the effects the destruction of rainforests is having on the planet and asks if listening to the sounds of these unique ecosystems can change our perspective on the climate emergency. How could an interspecies alliance – an alliance between humans and non-human entities – combat the forces of destruction? Sound artist David Monacchi and urbanist-architect Paulo Tavares discuss their experiences of documenting the destruction of rainforests in South America and the impact on both human and non-human inhabitants. Artist and writer Maria Tereza Alves reads from her book, Recipes for Survival which considers the effects of the timber industry on her hometown in Brazil.  Recipes for Survival includes content listeners may find distressing.

Presented by Natalie Sharp. Produced and sound designed by Femi Oriogun-Williams and exec produced by Alannah Chance for Reduced Listening.

Speaker Natalie Sharp
Formats BALTIC Podcast, PDF File, Transcript
Publisher BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art
Related Artists Natalie Sharp, Maria Tereza Alves, David Monacchi, Paulo Tavares
Months October 2021, November 2021
Keywords Climate emergency, climate change, Listening, Landscapes (environments)
Publication BALTIC Podcast | Climate Frequencies (5 episodes, 2021)

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