BALTIC Press Cuttings: Articles relating to BALTIC Staff (2006-8)

BALTIC Press Cuttings: Articles relating to BALTIC Staff (2006-8)
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Articles concerning BALTIC staff 'My favourite...' (Godfrey Worsley) North East Exclusive, September 2008 'MIMA to Baltic - an artistic journey' (Godfrey Worsdale), The Journal, 22 September 2008 'New director appointed at Baltic' (Godfrey Worsdale), Accent Magazine, September 2008 'New director of Baltic' (Godfrey Worsdale), The Informer, September 2008 'Our Future: The Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation Collection' (Jerome Sans), Art Review, September 2008 'New boss at Baltic', Chronicle Extra (Gateshead), 20 August 2008 'Godfrey Worsdale Appointed as New Director of Baltic',, 15 August 2008 'New Management hopes to revitalise Gateshead gallery', Best Western Hotels Great Britain, 15 August 2008 'Art gallery chief takes on new role', Northern Echo (North-County Durham), 15 August 2008 'Baltic Centre appoints new director' by Chris Tighe for The Financial Times, 15 August 2008 'Mr mima is leaving his 'art on Teesside' by Barbara Argument for the Evening Gazette (Teesside), 14 August 2008, p6-7 'New boss at the Baltic', Evening Chronicle, 14 August 2008 'The man from mima takes over at Baltic' by David Whetstone for The Journal, 14 August 2008, p20-21 'Baltic's latest director looks to match the art world's best' by Mark Brown for The Guardian, 14 August 2008 'Voice of the North: Disgusted at attitude of staff at the Baltic', The Journal, 2 August 2008 'Baltic gallery seeks new directors', Design Week, 5 June 2008, p3 'Exclusive diary: Laing Gallery, Newcastle, Love exhibition launch' (Craig Astley), North East Exclusive, 1 June 2008, p61 'Sex and our City!' (Emma Jackson), The Journal, 27 May 2008 'Two set to share helm as Baltic duties split', The Journal, 21 May 2008 'Art News: Two set to share helm as Baltic duties split', Northeast Journal (web), 21 May 2008 'Jerome Sans, Cultural Curator for Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts, Appointed Director of Ullens Center of Contemporary Art, (UCCA) in Beijing, China', Business Wire, 22 April 2008 'Baltic Centre appoints an interim chief executive [Ivor Stolliday]', Museums Journal, April 2008, p7 'Lifting the fog off the Tyne [very positive remarks about the crew]', MJ (Municipal Journal), 13 March 2008, p12 'New Director for the Ullens Centre [Jerome Sans], March 2008, p11 'Beijing Gold' [Jerome Sans], Art Monthly, March 2008, p21 'Book Club Review - John Haskell: American Purgatorio' [Gary Malkin, Karen Davies, Sarah Bouttell, Sara Ley], Accent Magazine, February 2008, p126 'Baltic all at sea' [Peter Doroshenko], Jackdaw, February 2008, p18 'BALTIC restructure on the way?', Museums Journal, 1 January 2008, p10 'Art Moves', AN, January 2008, p19 'Gateshead' [Peter Doroshenko] Shields Gazette, 27 December 2007 'Arts 2007', The Guardian, 11 December 2007, p23,25-26 'Baltic boss heads for the Ukraine' Evening Chronicle, 5 December 2007 'Baltic director heads for the Ukraine', The Journal, 5 December 2007 'Seven Days in short' Sunday Sun, 2 December 2007, p30 'Cold north-easter' AI [Arts Industry], 30 November 2007, p3 'Baltic boss quits for Ukraine job', BBC Online, 30 November 2007 'Another Baltic chief quits', AI [Arts Industry], 30 November 2007, p5 'Sculptor Anthony Gormley...' [Leaves as Baltic trustee], The Journal, 29 November 2007 'Baltic loses its head - yet again', Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog, 28 November 2007 'Baltic Centre sees third director quit' [Peter Doroshenko] by Chris Tighe in Financial Times, 28 November 2007 'Art boss quits' [Peter Doroshenko] Evening Chronicle, 27 November 2007 'Baltic boss quits' [Peter Doroshenko] by David Whetstone in The Journal, 27 November 2007 'Gallery boss goes after staff mutiny' [Peter Doroshenko] by Dalya Alberge in The Times, 27 November 2007, p23 'Baltic boss quits for foreign job', [Peter Doroshenko] BBC News (web) 26 November 2007 'Baltic director resigns' [Peter Doroshenko] by Gavin Engelbrecht in The Northern Echo (web), 26 November 2007 'Leur Ville la Nuit', [Jerome Sans] Liberation, 7 October 2006, p 2 'Ce duo veut decomplexer l'art contemporain' [Jerome Sans] Le Parisien, 7 October 2006, p1 'Nuit Blanche, Nuit Bleu et or', [Jerome Sans] Le Journal du Dimanche, 8 October 2006, p 1 'Question and Answer - Marcus Bennit', North East Exclusive, October 2007, 'Jérôme Sans - En France, les Créateurs trouvent une énergie unique', Le Monde, 18 August 2006, p12 'What are these arts leaders' hopes for 2012's culture Olympics?' [Peter Doroshenko], The Observer, 5 August 2007 'Playing to the gallery' [Sir Ian Wrigglesworth] by Katharine Capocci in North East Exclusive, July/August 2007, front cover and p2-4 'New director of communications Claire Byers)', 30 November 2006 'Gateshead Arts Centre recruits Byers', PR Week, 8 December 2006, p 9 'Paris of the North' (Jerome Sans) by David Whetstone in Newcastle Journal, 30 January 2007, p28,29 'Doroshenko gets a top job at the Venice Biennale' Journal, 19 February 2007, p19 'Baltic boss's arts honour' [Peter Doroshenko] Newcastle Evening Chronicle' 19 February 2007, p9 'Baltic boss brings links with Ukraine closer' [Peter Doroshenko] Gateshead Herald & Post, 21 February 2007, p2 'My favourite - Peter Doroshenko' North East Exclusive, March 2007, p87 'Alan Smith - the Gordon Ramsay of the arts world' Daily Telegraph, 29 March 2007, p12 'Diary: Matthew Collings' by Matthew Collings in Modern Printers (main) 1st May 2007 'Peter Doroshenko - The Journal's 15 Birthday Tributes' in The Journal, 15th May 2007 'Peter Doroshenko - Baltic 'Unrest' a Storm in Teacup' in The Journal, 23rd May 2007 'Art Chief under Fire from Staff' [Peter Doroshenko] in the Chronicle Extra, 30th May 2007 'From BALTIC to London' [Katie Jackson] AI, July 2007, p14 'Baltic Centre staff revolt over 'bullying' director' [Peter Doroshenko] by Dalya Alberge in The Times, 4 July 2007 'Director of Baltic apologises' BBC Radio Newcastle, 5 July 2007 'Director of Baltic apologises' Look North, 5 July 2007 'Chill wind at the Baltic' The Chronicle, 5 July 2007 'Boss tries to quell the new Baltic storm', The Journal, 5 July 2007 'Baltic gallery chief apologises' Financial Times, 6 July 2007, p4 'Baltic staff row reaches board' The Journal, 12 July 2007 'It's all change at the Baltic' by David Whetstone, The Journal, 21 July 2007 'Baltic staff worry sorted' Evening Chronicle, 16 July 2007 'Behind scenes talks to restore harmony' By David Whetstone, The Journal, July 2007 'Staff quit over Baltic bad practices' Arts Industry, 13 July 2007 'Staff bother at the Baltic' The Chronicle, 13 July 2007 'Drivetime' BBC Radio Newcastle, 13 July 2007 'Mike Parr Breakfast Show' BBC Radio Newcastle, 13 July 2007 'A Poem about an Inland Sea' Dazed and Confused, 1 September 2007, p229 'Art helping to heal the mind' Evening Chronicle, 10 September 2007 'Sans relinquishes role as Baltic's programme director' by Jane Morris, Museums Journal, September 2007 'Chill Wind at the Baltic' by Paul McMillan, The Chronicle, 5 July 2007 'Boss tries to quell new Baltic storm', by David Whetstone, The Journal, 5 July 2007 'Baltic director accused of "culture of intimidation"' by Martin Bailey, Art Newspaper, September 2007 'Baltic under fire for poor management' by Sharon Heal, Museums Journal, 1 August 2007

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