BALTIC Press Cuttings: General: (2007)

BALTIC Press Cuttings: General: (2007)
Archive Shelf Location 24/13.ENBA (2007)
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'Stylish Affair' by Katharine Capocci in North East Exclusive, 30th March 2007 'Enjoy the Art of Buying Online' in Newcastle evening Chronicle, 1st May 2007 'Why Alan Smith wants to take Centre Stage' by Alan Smith in Building for Leisure, 1st May 2007 'Amateur Snapper is a High-Flyer' in the Gateshead Chronicle Extra (Main), 9th May 2007 'Fair Set to be Huge Attraction' in The Journal (Newcastle) 10th May 2007 'Living Lifestyle: Retail Therapy' in The Journal, 12th May 2007 'Let's Meet at...McCoys, Newcastle' by Georgie Cameron in PR Week, 18th May 2007 'Biggest no-cost Music Event incites 50,000 to join Freevolution' in the Northern Echo (Darlington/South Durham) (Main) 29th May 2007 'Hold the Anchovies - We're about to Abseil' in the Northern Echo, 30th May 2007 'Abseil Challenge at Arts Centre' in Norther Echo (South-West Durham) (Main) 31st May 2007 'North-East welcomes newcomers' by Ander Dxon in Imagine (NE Recruitment) Summer 2007 'A Tale of Two Cities' in Business Publication, May-June 2007'Walks; Throckley-Newcastle, City of Newcastle' in The Guardian (Supplement 1) 2nd June 2007 'Steve Cram shares his passion for North East England' by Steve Cram in the Evening Chronicle (North) (Main) 7th June 2007 'Baltic is 5 this July' in the Evening Chronicle 8th - 15th June 2007 'Wet but no washout Upfront' by Richard Lakin in the Cumberland News 8th June 2007 'Echotravel Quay Questions' by peta King in the Northern Echo, 9th June 2007 'Auction of gallery memories' in The Journal, 12th June 2007 'North East News: ITV Tyne Tees (Pontop) 13th June 2007 'Why the artist needed the vicars' verdict' in the Journal 14th June 2007 'Northern Star' by Richard Holledge in the Financial Times, 14th June 2007 'Art Listings' in The Crack, June 2007 'Champagne and flours...' [BALTIC's 5th birthday], Touchstone, June 2007 'Five years' by Alistair Craig in The Chronicle, 13 July 2007 'Northern Star' [good article on cultural-led regeneration] by Richard Holledge in Financial Times, 16/17 June 2007, p7 'Website tracing history of Baltic', Shields Gazette, 16 July 2007, p15 'Display marks anniversary of art gallery', Northern Echo, 17 July 2007, p15 'Baltic celebrates its fifth birthday', Chronicle Live, 18 July 2007 'Birthday for Baltic' Evening Gazette, 27 July 2007, p2-3 'Cheese tribute to naval hero' Northumberland Gazette, 28 June 2007, p12 'Full of character with distinctive edge: Admiral Collingwood would approve' Berwick Advertiser, 28 June 2007, p4 'Dott 07 in brief' in Blueprint (main) 1st July 'Intersections 07' in Blueprint (Main) 1st July 2007 'Welcome' [BALTIC's 5th Birthday], by David Whetstone in Culture (The Journal) July 2007 'Art centre celebrates birthday' BBC News online, 13 July 2007 'BALTIC is 5' [advert] Evening Chronicle, 8-15 July 2007 'Five Years ' by Alastair Craig, The Chronicle, 13 July 2007 p 'Website tracing history of Baltic' Shields Gazette, 16 July 2007 p15 'Display marks anniversary of art gallery' Northern Echo. 17 July 2007, p15 'Baltic celebrates its fifth birthday' Chronicle live, 18 July 2007 'Birthday for Baltic' by Karen Mclauchlan, Evening Gazette, 27 July 2007, p2,3 'Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art', 31 August 2007 'Autumn Season at Baltic' white hot magazine, 31 August 2007

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