BALTIC Archive zine collection is an on-going project to accumulate self-published materials by artists. At present we have close to two hundred zines and are actively collecting more. Our zine collection is now searchable here on BALTIC+ and viewable by appointment to BALTIC Archive. 

What is a “zine”? According to one of our collected zines, ‘Saffa Khan: Make a zine in 5 minutes’ , a zine is an “independent/self-published/non-commercial” artist’s creation, usually taking the form of a photocopied folded booklet. It is not a magazine but it is pronounced as “zeen”. Zines can cover all manner of subject matter and as such offer a unique window onto societal change.

Our collection features the work of over a hundred artists and covers subjects from the mundane to the fantastical. Most importantly, it represents the issues deemed of vital social importance by a range of artists from different backgrounds. Explore our online catalogue and encounter activists, monstrous women, meteorite survivors and houseplants, to name but a few.

We hope the zine collection will act as both a historical and educational tool, as important to future assessments of our time as to influencing perspectives in the present day. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that no story is lost and no voice is forgotten.

We purchase many of our zines in person at fairs and fests around the country (so we can get to know the wonderful creatives behind them), however if you would like to donate a zine to the collection please do get in touch at


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