Baltic Archive Zine Collection

Our zine collection celebrates independent publishing and DIY culture. It is sourced from artists and zine-makers across the country with a focus on self-publishers working in the North of England. We now have over 350 zines in the online catalogue and many more waiting to be added.

Zines usually take the form of an easily reproducible booklet, made on a photocopier in small batches and traditionally exchanged with other zine makers. Often they were called fanzines and accompanied other creative sub-cultures such as the Punk or Riot Grrl movements.

The collection at Baltic covers a wide range of themes and subjects, many of which align with themes in Baltic's exhibition program, currently the zines are organised into the following subject areas:

Baltic Zines
Activism / Anti-Racism / Political
Artists’ Zines
Care / Health
Narrative / Comics / Travel
Food / Growing Food / Gardening
Animals / Nature
Environment / Climate Emergency
Film / Music / Poetry
Local Interest
LGBTQIA+ / Queer / Feminist
Making zines & books
Photography / Photo-zines

The zine collection is not on permanent display in the Library yet so if you'd like to view the zine collection please book in advance at

International Zine Month happens every July and we celebrate with a zine exhibition and a programme of artist-led zine-making workshops in Baltic Library, please check for details.

In section 19 of the main library there are also books about zines and self-publishing.

Donations to BALTIC’s Zine Collection
We also accept zine donations, just request a submission form at or post your zines into the donations box in Baltic Library. All submissions will be reviewed for their suitability for the collection and donating doesn’t guarantee inclusion.



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