Barbara Gladstone/ Stein Gladstone

Barbara Gladstone/ Stein Gladstone
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Publication Date 1992
Abstract There was a large group of people. They were all listening to onoe man who was pleading the cause of a particular religion. He spoke well and was surrounded by supporters and potential converts. It was a highly charged situation. Standing on a street corner in New York proposing a way out of poverty and into dignity. Proclaiming a way to get the better of the various conspiring circumstances that keep one social group in one particular position in relation to everyone else. The artist who tole me the story said that he turned a corner to find this large group getting all fired up. Being a liberal person interested in the varied manifestations of political and social life he stopped to listen. Sure, the speaker was good. Everyone was impressed. Then someone pinned the artist against a wall and stole all his money, not a great deal of money. It wasn't that the group of people were bad or wrong or out to get anyone. It was just a case of not really concentrating or really appreciating the situation that the artist had stumbled across.
Quantity 1
Pages 60
Author Liam Gillick
Format Paperback
Publisher British Council
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Categories Photography, Group Exhibition/Multiple Artists
Related Gallery Barbara Gladstone, New York
Language English

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