Beginning Modernism

Beginning Modernism
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Publication Date 2010
Description Modernism was the artistic and intellectual revolution of the early twentieth century. Yet despite its now-secure location in history, the radical experimental practices of modernism continue to bewilder as much as they excite. Beginning Modernism offers a clear and reader-friendly introduction to this complex and invigorating subject. With an emphasis on the close reading of modernist artefacts, from literary texts to buildings, paintings to musical compositions, the book aims to demystify the notorious difficulties of ‘high’ modernism, showing them to be an incentive rather than an obstacle to understanding and exploration. At the same time, it highlights the emergence of a new modernist studies, emphasizing the eclectic, the popular, and the global or transnational. Readers are encouraged to situate their reading of modernist literature within a wider set of cultural contexts, which include: visual art; ideas of time and space; sculpture; photography; film; politics; technology; sexuality; primitivism; architecture; dance; drama, and music. Beginning Modernism will be of interest both to the general reader, and to undergraduates and postgraduates in the fields of literary studies, art history and cultural studies. List of figures Acknowledgements 1 Introduction 2 Modernism and the visual arts 3 History and the politics of modernism 4 Modernist ideas 5 Modernist spaces 6 Modernist poetry 7 Modernist fiction 8 Performing modernism 9 Conclusion: Continuing modernism Index
ISBN 9780719067891
Quantity 1
Pages 314
Author Jeff Wallace
Format Paperback
Publisher Manchester University Press
Category Art Styles and Movements
Keyword Modernism
Language English

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