Between Matter and Method: Encounters in Anthropology and Art

Between Matter and Method: Encounters in Anthropology and Art
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Publication Date 2017

Building on the lively exchange between anthropology and art that has emerged in recent years, Between Matter and Method makes a bold and creative contribution to this rapidly growing field. Taking an expansive approach to the arts, it finds commonalities in approaches that engage with visual artifacts, sound, performance, improvisation, literature, dance, theater, and design. The book questions current disciplinary boundaries and offers a new model grounded in a shared methodology for interdisciplinary encounter between art and anthropology.

Gretchen Bakke and Marina Peterson have gathered together anthropologists whose work is notable for engaging the arts and creative practice in conceptually rigorous and methodologically innovative ways, including Kathleen Stewart, Keith Murphy, Natasha Myers, Stuart McLean, Craig Campbell, and Roger Sansi. Essays span the globe from Indonesia, West Virginia and Los Angeles in the United States, to the Orkney Islands in the UK, and Russia and Spain.

Table of contents

This is an Introduction (Natasha Myers, York University, Canada)

List of Illustrations
List of Contributors
Formless Matters, a User's Guide (Gretchen Bakke, MCGill University, Canada and Marina Peterson, University of Texas, USA)

1. 'Labyrinth of Linkages' – Cinema, Anthropology, and the Essayistic Impulse (Rachel Thompson, Harvard University, USA)
2. Mattering Compositions (Kathleen Stewart, University of Texas, USA)
3. On Misanthropology (punk, art, species-hate), (Shane Greene, Indiana University, USA)
4. Notes Toward Critical Ethnographic Scores: Anthropology and Improvisation Training in a Breached World (Joe Dumit, University of California, USA)
5. Becoming Sensor in Sentient Worlds: A More-than-natural History of a Black Oak Savannah (Natasha Myers, York University, Canada)
6. Art, Design, and Ethical Forms of Ethnographic Intervention (Keith Murphy, University of California, USA)
7. The Recursivity of the Gift in Art and Anthropology (Roger Sansi, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK and Universitat de Barcelona, Spain)
Interlude: Another World in This World
8. A report from the archives of the Monument to Eternal Return: Comgar (Craig Campbell, University of Texas, USA)
9. Wind Matters (Marina Peterson, Ohio University, USA)
10. The Comparative Method: A Novella (Gretchen Bakke, MCGill University, Canada)
11. Audible Observatories: Notes on Performances (Lina Dib, Rice University, USA and Concordia University, Canada)
This is an Index (Shane Greene, Indiana University, USA)
12. Blubberbomb (Stuart McLean, University of Minnesota, USA)
This is a Title (Gretchen Bakke, MCGill University, Canada and Marina Peterson, University of Texas, USA)

ISBN 9781474289238
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Pages 248
Editors Gretchen Bakke, Marina Peterson
Format Paperback
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing, London
Category Theory
Keyword Anthropology
Language English

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