Beyond the Tyranny of the Predictable (TSWA 3D)

Beyond the Tyranny of the Predictable (TSWA 3D)
Library Shelf Location 05.CORK
Publication Date 1987
Description Not long ago, artists had a very good idea of where they could place art and people knew where they could find it. Now the possibilities for artists have become at the same time more expansive and more demanding. Factories and forests. slaughterhouses and opera houses, churches, psychiatric hospitals and private homes, all have recently been opened up as spaces for a new kind of artistic collaboration or intervention.
ISBN 0950699152
Quantity 1
Pages 60
Author Richard Cork
Format Paperback
Publisher TSWA 3D
Related Artists Antony Gormley, Richard Wilson, Hannah Collins, Judith Goddard, Sharon Kivland, George Wyllie, Ron Haselden, Kate Whiteford, Holly Warburton, Mark Dunhill, John Joekes, Jennie Norman, Miranda Housden, Edward Allington
Categories Theory, Public/Landscape Art
Keyword Professional Practice
Related Cities/Regions Glasgow, London, Newcastle upon Tyne, Derry, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bristol, Birmingham, Dartmoor
Language English

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