Biodivercity - A Matter of Vital Soil

Biodivercity - A Matter of Vital Soil
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Publication Date 2021

This publication is a search for biodiversity in the city. The decline in biodiversity in the countryside has been in the spotlight for years. A vital soil life is of vital importance. In the city, hidden biodiversity is evident. How do you design public space anchored in vital soil?

There is a world full of life under our feet. Hidden in the soil, up to 100 million species of micro-organisms work together with fungi and plant roots to form networks that ensure a healthy living environment. Without soil, mankind cannot survive. Nevertheless, man is careless with his living environment. The growing world population is moving to the city, annexing its surrounding areas and literally squeezing the life out of the soil. The urban climate, the petrified environment and the water management are detrimental to vital soil life. The (urban) soil is largely sealed off, resulting in extreme flooding, heat and drought stress, soil compaction and habitat fragmentation.

The layout of the city consists of many underground measures. Every change leads to soil stress. That has to change. BiodiverCITY provides measures and elaborations that lead to a vital soil life.

ISBN 9789462086562
Quantity 1
Pages 24 x 30 cm / 114 pg
Editor Joyce van den Berg
Author Joyce van den Berg
Format Softcover
Publisher nai010 publishers
Related Artist Joyce van den Berg
Category Placemaking & Planning
Keywords Biology, Urban planning, Soil, Enviroment, Public space

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