Black in Fashion: Mourning to Night

Black in Fashion: Mourning to Night
Library Shelf Location 25.JOGI
Publication Date Jan 2009
Description This is a superbly illustrated study of the history and symbolism of black in international fashion. Throughout history the wearing of black clothing has had various and often ambiguous meanings. At times, it has signified death, power, elegance, urbanity, subversion and sex appeal.Drawing on garments and accessories from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day, a number of paintings from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries, "Black in Fashion: Mourning to Night" presents readers with a lavishly illustrated and richly diverse exploration of the symbolism and enduring use of black in fashion.
ISBN 9780724102938
Quantity 1
Pages 600 Pages
Author Laura Jogig
Format Paperback
Publisher National Gallery of Victoria
Category Fashion
Language English

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