Black Screen Book [a mood board]

Black Screen Book [a mood board]
Library Shelf Location 18.FALD
Publication Date 2005
Description Exhibition catalogue: The Nordic Pavilion at the 51st Biennale di Venezia (2005). Matias Faldbackken's contribution to the 2005 Biennale consisted both of a video, shown on a plasma screen, and an artist's book Black Screen Book to accompany the Nordic Pavilion's catalogue. Faldbackken's video consists of a single shot in which the camera travels through a cinema whose screen has been replaced by a black rectangle, combining the traditional symbol for entertainment, the silver screen, with the key symbol for not belonging and for negation in the form of the black, anarchist flag.
ISBN 9171007377
Quantity 1
Pages 180
Author Matias Faldbakken
Format Paperback
Publisher Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Related Artist Matias Faldbakken
Language English

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