Blueprint - No. 231 - June 2005

Blueprint - No. 231 - June 2005
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Publication Date Jun 2005
Abstract JUNE ISSUE JUNE 2005 The Blueprint Sessions The Blueprint Sessions 2005 brought even more argument, passion and controversy, reports Peter Kelly Architects go to the movies At onedotzero architects produce music videos and animators turn to architecture for inspiration. Peter Kelly previews a festival that celebrates the new possibilities in moving image Up close and personal The delight of OMA’s concert hall is in the detail, and Rem Koolhaas has enlisted old friends to add stunning touches, says Vicky Richardson Setting free the little grey cells Bare brick and a heavy concrete ceiling that folds like paper – Vicky Richardson reveals the struggle and triumph of Caruso St John’s new Brick House Le geek c’est chic The days of macho, James Bond gadgetry are long gone says Henrietta Thompson. Since the iPod, fashion has led the way and the electronics industry has found its feminine side Home and dry The Sharjah International Biennale 7 in the United Arab Emirates promises more thought and less glitz. Jamie Robinson reports on the arts festival that raises serious issues about the Middle East Economies of scale A new book by graphic designer Gabor Palotai and architectural practice Claesson Koivisto Rune shows the fundamental links between the two disciplines explains Bradley Quinn National express World fairs have a history of highlighting differences as much as they reveal unity. The Aichi 2005 expo in Japan reveals the complex links between nationality, design and sustainability says John Fass
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Pages 130
Format Magazine
Month June 2005
Language English
Issue Blueprint - No. 231 - June 2005
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