Blueprint - No. 245 - August 2006

Blueprint - No. 245 - August 2006
Library Shelf Location AP
Publication Date Aug 2006
Description Island Mentality In a time of globalisation and the decline of UK manufacturing should we still hold on to the idea of ‘British Design’? Kevin McCullagh looks at the role the nation’s designers can play in the 21st century Another Reality Jean Nouvel’s Quai Branly museum in Paris revives the notion of the grand projet but rejects rationalism. Its obsession with cultural relativism leaves Vicky Richardson cold Flash Of Talent Caroline Roux meets Edouard François, a showman architect who thrives in chaos and produces elaborate, growing buildings that have captured hearts in Paris Fighting Talk A new breed of French architects is fighting back against the country’s inhibiting competition system say Arnaud Descombes and Cécile Thieulin
Quantity 1
Format Magazine
Month August 2006
Language English
Issue Blueprint - No. 245 - August 2006
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