Blueprint - No. 300 - March 2011

Blueprint - No. 300 - March 2011
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Publication Date Mar 2011
Description Issue 300 The 300th edition of Blueprint is devoted to space and focuses on the design aspects involved in its exploration and inhabitation. Although the period of unprecedented achievement during the 1960s seems an untouchable point in history, the current pace of invention is an extraordinary match, and spreading its wings into new areas. In his essay, Space for Sale, Richard Williams discusses the shift in agenda from political pride to commercial competition. Far from a backwards step, Williams cites such imaginative, but serious, propositions as LiftPort’s space elevator. The first commercial astronauts of suborbital flight will begin their journey at Spaceport America in the New Mexico desert, designed by Foster + Partners. Gwen Webber visits the isolated building under construction and finds a quiet piece of architecture relative to the experience it offers. Peter Kelly reports on Scaled Composites and its visionary founder, Burt Rutan. The Californian-based company has added to a long list of feats in aerospace engineering with the super sleek WhiteKnight and SpaceShip craft. In Profile, Owen Pritchard talks to space designer Regina Peldszus. The Central Saint Martins graduate is tapping into her creative background to test the psychological impact of prolonged isolation in space. View covers the most exciting innovations of the moment in space design including this issue’s cover star, Robonaut 2 who is the face of Project M, NASA’s mission to land a humanoid robot on the moon within three years. Herbert Wright reports on Bigelow Aerospace’s nifty design for an inflatable space station. Christopher Rainbow stumbles across an unlikely resident of a Moscow scrapyard: the enormous Buran space shuttle, once a symbol of Soviet strength. Gwen Webber finds that the familiar-looking fully pressurised space suits may soon be replaced by the more flexible BioSuit and finally, Reaction Engines introduce its SKYLON spacecraft. It confidently illustrates the sky-high ambition of British engineers at the moment. In Comment, former NASA astronaut Dr Jeffrey Hoffman suggests a more imaginative approach from designers if commercial space travel is to be a success. In Produce, Gian Luca Amadei reports on the Tron Armchair, the latest offering from the Cappellini and Walt Disney Signature collection. The designer Studio Dror Benshetrit was inspired by the digital landscapes featuring in the sequel to the groundbreaking film of 1982. This month’s Man and Machine comes from Czech architect Ondrej Doule and his design for a permanent settlement on Mars.
ISSN 9770268492046
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Format Magazine
Month March 2011
Language English
Publication Blueprint

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