Blumfeld, An Elderly Bachelor: Illustrated by David Musgrave

Blumfeld, An Elderly Bachelor: Illustrated by David Musgrave
Library Shelf Location ABC-FOUR
Publication Date 2008

NOTE: THIS ARTIST'S BOOK IS HELD IN BALTIC ARCHIVE NOT THE LIBRARY. Please email for an appointment or see staff.

Artist David Musgrave uses pencil drawings to rediscover and reinvent a little-known novella left unfinished by Kafka, concerning a man who comes home to find that two bouncing plastic balls have invaded his home.

This third book in our Familiars series is illustrated with a series of pencil drawings of curious artefacts and archaeological fragments invented by the artist.

The typeface used is Walbaum, Kafka’s preferred typeface.

ISBN 9780954502560
Quantity 1
Pages 84 pages; 20.5 × 14.5 cm
Author Franz Kafka
Format Hardback
Related Artist David Musgrave
Categories BALTIC Artists' Book Collection (by appointment), Illustration, Artists' Books
Keywords Literature, Storytelling, Fiction, Four Corners Familiars

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