Bob and Roberta Smith: Make Your Own Damn Art

Bob and Roberta Smith: Make Your Own Damn Art
Library Shelf Location 18.SMIT
Publication Date Dec 2004
Description Bob and Roberta Smith believe in Art and Democracy. Bob and Roberta Smith provoke the public. They see the public as a body to cajole, kick and stick pins in, but also to encourage and to liberate. Make Your Own Damn Art examines their methods and explores their work through conversations with Matthew Collings and an essay by Horst Griese. The book sets out how it is possibile to 'make your own damn art'. It is a dynamic tour through the life and the mind of artist(s) Bob and Roberta Smith. As such Make Your Own Damn Art is absurd, political, witty and urgent.
ISBN 1904772242
Quantity 1
Pages 186
Authors Matthew Collings, Horst Griese, Bob and Roberta Smith
Formats Paperback, Exhibition Catalogue
Publisher Black Dog Publishing, London
Related Artist Bob and Roberta Smith
Category Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keyword Political art
Related Event Bob and Roberta Smith: Help Build the Ruins of Democracy (11 Dec - 3 April 2005)
Related Galleries BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Hales Gallery, London
Artist's Nationality British/UK
Language English

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