Booster: Art Sound Machine

Booster: Art Sound Machine
Library Shelf Location 33.HERF
Publication Date 2014

From fairground organ to ghetto blaster to large vehicles with loudspeakers for parades and demonstrations, all the way to acoustic warfare – whatever the circumstances in which mobile sound systems are used, we succumb to their equally fascinating and menacing effect. Since the beginning of the 20th century, artists have been developing sound machines whose special combination of sculpture, movement and tone provides a multisensory experience: whether as fragile equipment or monumental objects, mobile sound sculptures create their own particular pulsating world.

ISBN 9783866789418
Quantity 1
Pages 184 pages; 20 x 26 cm 159 mostly color ill.
Editor Marta Herford
Authors Jessica E Edwards, Friederike Fast, Steve Goodman, Toby Heys, Roland Nachtigäller, Nik Nowak
Format Paperback
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Category Audio/Sound Art/Music

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