Boris Lurie: No Compromises!

Boris Lurie: No Compromises!
Library Shelf Location 18.LURI
Publication Date 2016

The Jewish Museum in Berlin is devoting a large retrospective to the NO!art artist Boris Lurie. His collages confront the viewer with the experience of persecution and imprisonment in camps during the Nazi era. Lurie combines disgust for people who were capable of persecuting and mass-murdering millions with revulsion toward a smug art market that is more interested in financial gain than in artistic statements. His drawings, on the other hand, take another tone. Here, the artist creates poetic images of his time.

ISBN 9783735601964
Quantity 1
Pages 176
Authors Volkhard Knigge, Tal Sterngast
Format Paperback
Publisher KERBER
Category Artists' Monographs A-Z
Keywords art and commodity, Jewish history, Holocaust, Painting, No!art
Related Gallery Jewish Museum Berlin

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