Brains: Mind as Matter

Brains: Mind as Matter
Library Shelf Location 06.SCIE
Publication Date 2012
Description A fully illustrated and fascinating exploration of the brain, tying in with a major Wellcome Collection exhibition The brain is a unique and enigmatic organ. It cannot be transplanted, and is one of the most complex entities in the known universe. Unusually, this book asks not what our brains do for us, but what we have done to brains, following the long quest to manipulate and decipher this most exceptional of human organs.Brainsexplores the ways that we have sought to understand and classify the brain over the centuries. Itdelves into the eerie world of brain collecting: the practice of storing and cataloguing brains -- including those of Albert Einstein, the notorious murderer Edward H Ruloff and pioneering feminist Helen Gardner -- as well as addressing the sinister practices involving brains that took place during the Third Reich period.Lavishly illustrated, the book includes an array of fascinating images -- from Leonardo da Vinci's painstaking drawings of the dissected brain to visceral photography of brain collections and real brains, as well as work from contemporary artists such as Corinne Day and Helen Pynor. This is accompanied by illuminating and accessible commentary from neuroscientist Richard Wingate and art historian Marius Kwint, explaining how humans have imagined, interacted and tried to come to terms with this infinitely mysterious organ.
ISBN 9781781250402
Quantity 1
Pages 160 pages
Authors Marius Kwint, Richard Wingate
Format Paperback
Publishers Wellcome Trust, London, Profile Books Ltd
Category Art by Subject
Keyword Science
Language English

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