Brian Eno: The Constellations (77 Million Paintings): Archive Research File

Brian Eno: The Constellations (77 Million Paintings): Archive Research File
Archive Shelf Location 24/18.ENO
Publication Date 2007

A file containing articles relating to the Brian Eno:77 Million Paintings exhibition at BALTIC

'Millions of reasons to see Eno', The Journal (Newcastle) 21 December 2006, p3
'Eno exhibits latest talent with ambitious art show', The Independent, 22 December 2006, p18
'Step into the light' (preview), by Alistair Robinson in Sunderland Echo, 28 December 2006, p14
'Brian Eno' (preview), Glasgow Sunday Herald (seven days), 31 December 2006, p12
'Finding Eno' by Gemma Winter at (online preview), 19 January 2007
'77 million reasons to love Brian Eno' by Rachel Campbell-Johnston in The Times 23 January 2007, p14-15
'Brian Eno: The Constellations (77 Million Paintings)', by Norven Kane in Metro, 29 January 2007, p27
'Abstract thinking' The Crack, February 2007, p8
'Video: Luminous, Brian Eno' in Wallpaper, February 2007
'In a rare interview, producer, artist, music theorist, writer and anagram fan Brian Eno...' by Sean Smith in Flux, February 2007, p56-59
'Art of the Ordinary' by Davy Smith in Evening Chronicle, 2 February 2007, p12
'Brian Eno Brings 77 Million Paintings To Baltic' The Informer, February 07, issue 56, p12
'The Burlin' Wall' by Catriona Black in Glasgow Sunday Herald, 11 February 2007, p23
'Brian Eno - a new collection of light art at Baltic' by Melina Greenfield at 24hourmuseum (online), 12 February 2007
'Brian Eno: The Constellations (77 Million Paintings)', by Amy Rudd in Metro, 20 February 2007, p25
'An ongoing enquiry' by Sean Smith in Flux February/March 2007, p56
'Brian Eno brings 77 million paintings to BALTIC' Collective North East Feb/Mar 2007, p6
'Kunst furs Kaurfhaus' by Alexander Merden (in German), (unknown magazine) March 2007
'Processes Evolving' by Ralf f. Broekman and Olaf Winkler, Build Das Architekten Magazin, April 2007
'Remain in light' by Richard Glover in Living North, April 2007, p34-37
'Rock Around England' by Kenn Bennett in the Northwich Guardian (Motoring), 18th April 2007
'Which City in england has the Most for rock Fans?' by Ken Bennett in the Congleton Guardian (Main) 20th April 2007
'Temporarily Unique' by Ralf F Broekman and Olaf winkler in Build Das Architekten-Magazin, June 2007

Folder also contains drawings showing the layout of the exhibition

Quantity 1
Format Press Articles
Related Artist Brian Eno
Related Event Brian Eno: The Constellations (77 Million Paintings) (31 January - 15 April 2007)
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

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