British Art Show 6

British Art Show 6
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This exhibition might almost be called British Art Show 9/11. Certainly, its twin towers are modernism and the Muslim world. But in a show that is intended to be a wide-ranging survey of recent developments in British art, can this be  justified?  Well, let's see. There are 50 artists included, just as there were 50-odd in BAS 5 in 2000. There is no overlap between the artists for BAS 5 and 6, which is why certain artists who have figured prominently in the last five years aren’t here this time. Curators, Alex Farquharson and Andrea Schlieker, have taken the laudable approach of selecting artists who haven’t yet benefited from Turner Prize levels of exposure. Having said that, there are plenty of Beck's Futures finalists included. OK, tower one: modernism. The catalogue brings together four of the exhibiting artists (Mark Titchner, Enrico David, David Thorpe and Daria Martin) for a fascinating round-table discussion on how their practices relate to aspects of modernism; and why certain modernist tropes might be important to their post-postmodern generation. In the gallery, among many others, Goshka Macuga’s ‘Arkhitectony – after K Malevich’ continues this debate.

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Related Event British Art Show 6: 2005-6 (24 September - 8 January 2006)
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Issue MAP - Issue 4 - Winter - 2005/6
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