British Art Show 6: Showcases

British Art Show 6: Showcases
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Publication Date Sep 2005
Description Artist Goshka Macuga is inviting the public to be a part of the British Art Show 6, which opens at Baltic in Gateshead on September 24, 2005. Goshka's web gallery will go live after the show opens, on September 28. The gallery took shape from Macuga’s ideas, which are often concerned with the curatorial process itself and displaying objects. Her past work has included vacant cabinets displaying other people’s artwork, giving them her own interpretation. The online gallery will display pictures in black and white, in a rather dark, slightly eerie setting.
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Format Leaflet
Related Artist Goshka Macuga
Related Event British Art Show 6: 2005-6 (24 September - 8 January 2006)
Related Gallery Hayward Gallery, London
Related Curators/Producers Alex Farquharson, Andrea Schlieker
Language English

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